November 26, 2015


I once was a doll,

And until I stood Tall, 

I layed on the floor

Moving like waves upon the shore

The strings caught my knees

and then they took a hold of my fingers

and lifted me high

above the ground that once

comforted me.

And I was moved 

without rest.

I was danced 

without thought.

Everything was left

far far below.

Like a sponge


Supple and light

I was a marionette

on a stary night.

And I was danced. 

I was danced.

I was danced...

November 26, 2015

"Hello" she said,

She stood tall,

and her long neck

reminded me of a gazelle.


A few freakles on her nose


But it was her perfect form 

and lenth

that elongated my love.


September 24, 2015

Maybe it's the coming of a new year 
or maybe because it's officially fall, 
but things tonight feel funny 
and it's too late too call. 
All the people I have hurt, 
and those who have hurt me. 
But I really want to say,
Some words that I pray,
for those I have hurt
those who have hurt me. 
To all those in my past,
Thank you for your lessons. 
And to those in my future, 
I hope I have learned....

September 23, 2015


Today I breathed deeply, 

And each rib parted ways

And made room for

a glorious

feeling to seep through. 

Just like a bird, 

Learning to fly,

I breathed deeply

for the first time

and my wings 

expanded long,

And my ribs,


spaned out

and I took


I was a glorious flight

that guided me around

the whole room. 

And then I landed softly 

back down on the compassionate earth. 

Luckly I knew that I could fly again

with just




August 2, 2015

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a room with hundreds of Silicon Valley’s most powerful and intelligent women, yet the energy was light, the smiles were abundant and the walls we women too often hold were down. We were all gathered together to celebrate the Anita Borg Women of Vision Awards, a banquet held each spring to honor specific women who are making significant contributions to technology. As I was connecting wit...

June 11, 2015


As I moved my hand with his, I was in a complete state of flow, ever present and connected to the music. Then, suddenly, he lifted me up and I was free-falling over his shoulder, but somehow I landed gently back on the wooden floor and was able to continue moving flawlessly to the sound of the music. I looked around at hundreds of beautiful faces dancing without hindrance, while allowing the music to take them throug...

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