Air is a human potential and wellness coach as well as an internationally booked circus performer. 


After years of climbing the corporate ladder, she finally decided to let go of any expectations from her family, friends, or from herself and she quit her job at Google and joined the circus! Using the business tools she learned over the years, she turned her passion of circus into an extremely successful business. She launched a very profitable entertainment company, built AND sold Denver's largest Circus Gym, the Circus Collective, and performed and still performs circus professionally.

Along her journey, she found that too many adults limited their potential unconsciously and felt like something was missing in their lives. She saw it often when people would say "I could never do that!" (regarding aerial or quitting their jobs). Meanwhile, Air had no previous background in circus and knew that anyone could really do it, but they were limiting themselves due to fear.  Air also found herself being limited by her own patterns and beliefs when it came to her family dynamics.


So she set sail to unlocking the key to ultimate happiness and freedom. She researched for a whole year about the key to happiness, plus she became a certified Life Coach, a certified NLP practitioner, and a certified Reiki Master.


Upon her discovery, she uncovered the keys to changingShe has discovered that by using various tools, she was able to help people be their own superheroes by unlocking their limiting beliefs, rewiring patterns in their brains and bodies, and move their lives to match their deepest heart's desire.

Be the artist of your life, create your masterpiece!!!

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